Monday, February 21, 2005

Click "DiscoverTheNetwork" for Jihad

I was just reading the entry for jihad on the new ”discover the network” web resource. Wow! The first three paragraphs summarize what jihadists have been demonstrating these last few years. Jihad is central to Islam. Muslims have a duty to wage war until the whole world submits to Islam then there will be peace. Jihadist attacks are defensive by definition and resistance is an aggression against Islam. The fight, today, exists not just against America and Israel but is actively being fought from Nigeria to Indonesia as it has been waged through out Islam’s 1400 year history.

The website has an excellent list of books and articles written by well chosen experts: Ibn Warraq, Daniel Pipes, Robert Spencer, Bernard Lewis, Martin Kramer, and of course, Bat Ye’or. Having read these authors, I completely concur. The first article, by Daniel Pipes, clears up the confusion spread by those who insist the wider meaning, a jihad of the spirit, is the primary meaning. A second article … actually they’re all good; let me leave them for you to discover.


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