Friday, April 01, 2005

Is Islam Evil?

It was a year ago today, that Ali Sina’s published my editorial on Islam called “Is Islam Evil?” Ali Sina is an ex-Muslim and an authority on the religion. It is with pride that he accepted my article without requiring editorial revisions. The purpose was not a definitive and final analysis of Islam but something more modest: Consider the salient features of the religion and the religion’s role in worldwide violence, conquest, and slaughter. Is this religion reformable or inherently inimical to civilization? Is there something in Islam that, unlike Christianity, makes Islam unable to limit the domain of faith to the private personal level to make room for reason and secularism in the public arena?

On most search engines (except google), a search on “Islam Evil” usually provides several links to copies of my article on various websites in the first ten listings. Thus, I’ve become a cyber-expert on the question. Of course, the number of hits for “America Evil” is several times that of “Islam Evil.” The taboo still exists against even asking the question with respect to Islam.


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