Thursday, April 14, 2005

Who said that?

“We have to show our opposition to Islam and we have to, at times, run the risk of having unflattering labels placed on us because there are some things for which we should display no tolerance ..."

Was this President Bush arguing that Islam is a central part of the jihadist attacks? Was this John Kerry speaking at a Boston University, in a rare moment of intellectual clarity? Was this Rich Lowery of the National Review, Thomas Freedman of the New York Times, or the faculty of Columbia’s Middle East Studies Department?

No, of course not. It was the Queen of Denmark. Hat Tip LGF. Some people in Europe are waking up and speaking out.


Blogger Jason Pappas said...

It looks like the original link has disappeared. Here's another.

12/7/05, 1:15 PM  

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