Friday, April 22, 2005

Worth A Read

Irfan Khawaja, on his blog, shows the phrase “moderate Islam” to be an oxymoron. Cameron Pritchard, on his blog notes that the neologism “Islamophobia” is a dishonest attempt to dispense with criticism of ideas and ideology.

Robert Spencer, on jihadwatch believes the new Pope understands the threat of Islam. Michael Novak believes the new Pope will stand opposed to the dogmatism and relativism of post-Modern thought while being careful to distinguish contemporary trends from the honored Modern tradition of “objective world of the scientific rationalist.” Sciabarra is having none of this (here)

Warren, on his blog has a moving story of one man who survived totalitarianism. We don’t remind ourselves often enough and in human terms what was wrong with the 20th century – and our achievement by defeating these threats to civilization. LGF reminds us in human terms the purpose some mothers see in having a child.


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