Thursday, May 05, 2005

The U.N. - why?

In a follow-up to my post where I charge that the U.N. encourages terrorist hate against America, Tom DeWeese, takes it a step further:

“The fact is the UN is not an instrument for guarding the peace. The UN is the source for international unrest and 'reform' will not fix it. … For the past fifty years, as the UN lived off the perception that it provided a forum where nations could air their differences off the battlefield, more wars were fought than ever before in human history. Instead of removing the threat to peace, the UN has encouraged, even nurtured, regimes that waged violence on their neighbors, and indeed, oppressed and tortured their own people. … The United Nations is not 'dysfunctional,' as some 'reformists' have claimed. It is a criminal enterprise in which no moral nation should ever participate, let alone perpetuate.”

Wow. Read it all.


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