Friday, May 06, 2005

Witch-Hunt by the Left

The threat to freedom of speech – from the left – continues unabated in American universities. Prof. Tibor Machan observes: “Today, thinking it's the Right that's a threat to civil liberties is clearly wrong, what with political correctness guiding universities and other institutions in their hiring and promotion policies.”

Prof. Machan, himself has been the subject of a witch-hunt. His crime? Let him explain: “I criticized the Americans for Disabilities Act … no one’s generosity or good will ought ever to be compelled, coerced from the person or corporation.” The response? “... Indeed, a demand was launched that I be fired for my having published my views.”

Recently Prof. Hans-Hermann Hoppe, economist at the Univ. Of Nevada, has had to face the inquisition for suggesting the gays have a different lifestyle, which has economic implications. And let’s not forget, Laurence Summers, President of Harvard, who made the faux pax of suggesting the hypothesis that there is a genetic component involved in women’s success in math and sciences. Had Mr. Summers suggested there was a genetic component involved in homosexuality he would be welcomed with open arms. As a matter of fact, if he suggested anything else – the influence of environment or pure choice – he would have been figuratively strung up and hung. He apparently got his nature/nurture arguments confused.

Yes, there are intolerant people on the religious Right. However, intolerant people in the position of power, as leftists like to express it, seem overwhelmingly on the left.