Sunday, July 10, 2005

London attack - the question again:

Robert Bidinotto has recently written about his frustration with the lack of Muslim response to the jihadists. A few weeks ago he and I discussed the possibility of moderate Islam coming to the rescue and marginalizing militant Islam. He together with his colleagues at the Objectivist Center engage well-meaning Muslims who sincerely want cultural change in the Islamic world. In our discussion, he was hesitant to give up hope on “Moderate Islam.” However, now, Robert, raises the important question given the London terrorist attacks:

Do the Islamic fundamentalist terrorists truly represent a marginal minority among Muslims worldwide? Or is the term "Islamic fundamentalist" really just a redundancy?
With regard to the failure of the Islamic community to “clean its stables” he writes:

Will they, though? How many years, and how many more bloodbaths, will it take? And how long do we in the West patiently tap our feet, waiting for such reforms in the absence of any visible signs that they are taking place? Don't we have a right at some point to pronounce judgment on the Islamic culture itself?
He, like Robert Spencer and many others, raise questions that continually remain unanswered by Muslims of good will. And the silence itself says it all.
Some just don't get it.
On another note, I was recently watching Tucker Carlson debate an Arab commentator. As usual, the Arab commentator said we are terrorists just like the jihadists in London because we kill people in Iraq. Carlson politely disagreed and discussed targeting civilians versus the reality of collateral damage in wartime.

However, this missed the reality of today’s Iraq. Everyday in Iraq, Sunni jihadists target the Iraqi people and kill them by the dozens. It’s Muslims who are killing the people of Iraq and doing it deliberately. This slimy Arab commentator created a complete lie about who’s killing whom in Iraq. We are working hard trying to protect the Iraqi people from these killings. Carlson should have expressed outrage at this lying SOB and state that the coalition troops are moral heroes that deserve the utmost respect.

Some things get my blood boiling and a lack of respect for the sacrifices of our fighting men and women is one of them.


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