Monday, September 12, 2005

Islam's Threat to Europe

Tony Blankley, in the Washington Times, likens the threat of Islamists to the rise of Nazism. He warns of the prospect of Eurabia and demise of Western Civilization in Europe. While he fails to understand Radical Islam as a bona fide tradition in Islam’s history, he gets what’s important: the gravity of today’s threat. Blankley is a frequent speaker on television; this is a bold statement for a mainstream conservative reporter.


Blogger Benjamin said...

You make a very good point that Tony Blankley seems to be the first MSM personality to pick up on this. This makes a huge difference. Millions vs. thousands. (Still, no credit to FrontPageMag, Jihad Watch, & co.)

9/12/05, 3:23 PM  
Blogger Always On Watch said...

People so want to believe that radical Islam is a perversion of traditional Islam. O how I wish that were so!

It is so hard for Westerners to accept the reality of Islam. Europe is already dangerously close to being Eurabia right now. Look at the change in demographics! And I think that the memory of the London bombings is fading fairly fast.

Will we see something like Blankley's writing (a good start, in spite of the flaws) in papers with wider circulation? Maybe after another horrific attack on the shores of the United States--God forbid, but I believe such is the reality of the busyness of Western life. Right now, here in the United States, the story of Katrina dominates. Yes, the hurricane was terrible, but it wasn't created by mass murderers.

BTW, have you read the text of Gadahn's 9/11 threat? "Peace but on Islam's terms." I have yet to hear or read an accurate analysis of Gadahn's words--at least, not in the MSM.

Islam's terms = conversion or die or dhimmitude.

9/12/05, 5:29 PM  
Blogger gandalf said...

Britain is as is much of europe in danger of becoming totally subservient to Islam, the government is scared stiff of Islam and as such has cowed to pressure groups such as the MCB

Londinistan is the centre for terrorism and despite the london bombings not one extremist Imam or Mullah has been kicked out.

On another note, I thank you for your comments on my site, you spotted the "projection" when referring to paranoia.

keep on blogging

Regards Gandalf

9/12/05, 6:51 PM  
Blogger Pastorius said...

I heard Blankley interviewed on Hannity today (I am not a fan of Hannity, let me make that clear. I was travelling through the middle of nowhere and he was the only thing on) and I heard Blankley say that Bin Laden had introduced a heresy into Islam; that any individual Muslim could decide for himself to take up Jihad all on his own, without consulting an Imam.

This is wrong in two very serious ways:

1) Bin Laden seeks fatwas of approval for his policies. (such as the use of nukes to kill 2-4 million Americans)

2) The idea that an individual Muslim should take up Jihad is hardly a heresy considering the fact that the Koran orders them to kill the infidel when the Holy months of Ramadan are ended.

Other than those very serious misunderstandings, Blankley may well be The West's Last Chance.

9/13/05, 12:27 AM  
Blogger Jason Pappas said...

Many good points. Blankley is alarmed and rightly so. Many of us are spreading the word and, of course, as Benjamin as pointed out, we rely on FrontPageMag & Robert Spencer to start the ball rolling. But I think Blankley and others like him have a chance to go beyond the "choir" to those who are complacent. He clearly is reading Bat Ye'or - who has worked for four decades. And I'm sure he's hearing about Spencer - who's on the best seller list after 20 years of reserach.

It's going to be a longer battle than we'd like. It is frustrating when you come to a realization and you have to wait for others. Imagine how it was for Ye'or and Spencer!

9/13/05, 6:02 PM  

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