Thursday, September 01, 2005

Saudis Fund Islamist Terror

Following up on our expose of Saudi Arabia as the fountainhead of Islamism and our recommendation for a change in policy, please consider today’s article on Saudi funding of terrorism on the Sixth Column blogspot.

Let’s remember that we provide Saudi Arabia with its defense – it exists by our grace.


Blogger Benjamin said...

For those so inclined, there are much better reasons to criticize Bush than stupid slogans like 'Bush lied, people died'. (Notwithstanding the WMD fiasco, it was NOT clear at the time that Saddam didn't have them.) One of the better reasons to attack Bush is on his family's longtime friendship with the Saudi royal family, including private visits to the Bush ranch, etc. It's hard to criticize those you've been chummy with. Presidents and presidential aspirants should not be too friendly with foreign leaders.

8/28/05, 12:31 PM  
Blogger Always On Watch said...

Mahdi Obeidi wrote about Iraq's nuclear weapons in his book The Bomb in My Garden. The book is a scientist's assessment of the WMD situation and nonpolitical in perspective.

I believe that gas prices are going to soar through the roof anyway, unless the new Saudi president has an agenda different from his predecessor.

8/28/05, 9:16 PM  

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