Tuesday, September 20, 2005

"Sixth Column" has New Articles

New articles on Sixth Column! The first is a psychiatric evaluation of Mohammad and the diagnosis quite convincing (if you’re not a Muslim.) The second is an interesting look at one Arab’s candid expose of the pathological anger and hatred, considered universal among all Muslims by the Arab commentator, and what adds the final touch to create a suicide bomber. The third, on political Islam, shows some awareness of the problem among Arabs but not the source: Islam. The fourth asks: is the new jizya, high gas prices? The fifth is a summary of what Islam is, it history, the epidemic of hate-mongering among today’s Muslims, and more – for those who can face the harsh reality without a chaser.

I’ve saved the best for last: Where does one start to learn about Islam? George starts with a review of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam. This is followed by a comprehensive list of links and extensive bibliography. I have my own recommendations – five books and a dozen links – but for those wanting a more extensive list, check George’s out.

Kudos to our fellow freedom-fighters over there at Sixth Column!


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