Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Lying Continues

Once again, our representatives in Washington have cancelled a scheduled hearing on Saudi Arabia and its role in spreading fundamentalist Islamic hate. Those who harbor terrorists are as guilty as terrorists? I remember hearing those words once upon a time. How about those who create the terrorists in the first place?

Let’s hear the truth about Saudi Arabia! We, in the blogoshere, are aware of the problem. Months ago, I’ve suggested we change our relationship with the evil kingdom. The first step involves exposing the truth. Even if we continue to deal with Saudi Arabia, we should not lie by commission or omission. It may take time to form a consensus about the best course of action but we must face the truth.

As of today, our cowardly representatives in Washington lie. Yes, lie is the appropriate word for willfully evading and deceiving our country to the nature of this problem. The truth will require making tough decisions. And this may be painful to the American consumer in the short run and thus painful to the American politician. But when we are sending men and women into battle, the least we can do is to ask the American people to endure a measure of financial hardships as we disengage from supporting an enemy. The fears over such a course of action are overblown. But we should be willing to take steps even as we fear it will be painful.

The media, on the other had, is obsessed with comparatively minor matters. Apparently, we need to expose and micro-examine the testimony of someone called “Scooter.” Might I suggest we expose Saudi Arabia and the jihadist movement first? Should we not do something about those people who hate and want to kill us? My patience has run out; our politicians and the press are failing us. Let's hold them accountable.

Update (10/31): We are once again blinded by our own lies; with eyes closed we eagerly train and educate our enemies. (Hat tip: Mustang.) Deception is not a practical road to victory. We don’t fool them; we fool ourselves.


Blogger Always On Watch said...

I can barely keep up with the convoluted Scooter story. But I recognize the media's boring in on this story while glossing over honest words about Islamofascism--not to mention Islam itself.

You have accurately pointed out that the lying continues apace--by commission or by omission.

Some time ago, a friend of mine said these words to me: "At some point our collective heads will come up out of the sand, probably by the force of an explosion; and we'll stand, mouths agape like so many fish out of water, trying to comprehend a situation we've done our best to ignore."

10/30/05, 10:22 AM  

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