Monday, October 17, 2005

The Saudi Imperative

A recent article reminds us that Saudi Arabia remains the center of the Islamist problem. They fund the movement and provide its ideological rationale. We’ve talked about this before and suggested a change in policy.

Let’s remember that not only have we exempted Saudi Arabia from our criticism but we materially aid her. We provide Saudi Arabia with its defense without which it would not exist.

As a sponsor of this terrorist country what would happen if they initiated or funded a nuclear terrorist attack? Clearly the country nuked would need to respond with a counter attack. We have wedded ourselves to a chief sponsor of terror. If the Bush Doctrine isn’t going to be a joke, it is imperative that we end our relationship with this evil kingdom and stop selling-out our principles, honor, and safety.

Update1: Let the good folks at Gates of Vienna spell out the Saudi threat in today's article. A musts read!

Update2: AOW continues to expose Saudi activities in the USA.


Blogger Always On Watch said...

When the announcement about Prince Turki was first made, I saw a little flurry at Jihad Watch. Nothing in the msm, though.

Isn't there a recent book which exposes our stupid ties with Saudi? I believe the title is Sleeping with the Enemy.

Wahhabists keep the House of Saud in power. If I remember correctly, some 20 years ago, Wahhabists seized the mosque in Mecca and reminded the House of Saud just how vulnerable the House is. And the United States helps to prop up the House. As you said, We have wedded ourselves to a chief sponsor of terror. Our dependence on oil is going to be our downfall!

I've told this before: on 9/12/01, I asked a Saudi coworker, who had been a U.S. citizen for several years, "Is Saudi Arabia our friend?" His response was, "Only as long as the Sauds can sell us oil. When the oil runs dry, look out!"

Furthermore, Saudi is funding Wahhabist teaching here in the United States--in mosques and in schools. That's the topic of the article presently first at my site.

10/18/05, 6:46 AM  
Blogger Jason Pappas said...

Thanks, OP. Of course, now I have a pile of work on my desk! But I hope to have time to write.

AOW reminds us about the Saudi reach into America with this article. As always, the Always On Watch website has more up-to-date information on this movement's operations in America.

The worse thing about our relationship with Saudi Arabia is the lie required to maintain it. I wouldn’t mind our governments dealing with Saudi Arabia if they said it was regrettable that we have to sully our hands by momentarily helping the Saudis as this is the lesser of evils. But the relationship has brought self-deception, has weakened our resolve, and leaves us defenseless to act against their treachery. When we speak against the evil we face our words are hollow and we merely nod that “it’s unfortunate but so it goes.”

If one is going to take one’s principles seriously, one as to act as if they matter.

10/18/05, 8:06 AM  

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