Friday, December 16, 2005

Yahoo Search Shows ...

A web search of Islam Ideology, on CNN or Yahoo, yields the follow hits:

Ibn Warraq on Front Page Magzine: Islam: A Totalitarian Ideology?
– He’s earned first place!

Daniel Pipes: Combating the Ideology of Radical Islam
– Pipes, the indefatigable fighter of ‘radical’ Islam!

Jason Pappas on Libery and Culture: Islam Is a Supremacist Ideology
I always agree with this guy.

On Catholic Answers: Endless Jihad
An extensive introduction to Islam and Jihad

On American Coptic Association: Islam: A State Ideology
– Brief history of Islam’s Revival with a focus on Egypt

David Brin: Neoconservatism, Islam and Ideology
– a screed against any system of ideas

Spengler: Islam: Religion or Ideology
– he says both.

Jihad Watch linking to Ibn Warraq above.

I’m third on a Yahoo search of Koran and Mein Kampf, after Human Events, first on a search of Culture of Arabs, 4th on a search for Moderate Islam (Lawrence Auster gets the top spot), 8th on a search for Root Cause, 3rd on a search for Islam and Secularization, and … drum roll … the numero uno spot for Burn The Koran.

It’s a pleasure to be listed with Warraq, Pipes, Auster, and Jihad Watch. Some of the others are new. Catholic Answers had a surprisingly good (i.e. non-PC) review judging from a quick skim of the article. Over all, with a few exceptions, the quality of the first 10 links tends to be good - even better than two years ago when I began to write. People are discovering the truth.


Blogger Baron Bodissey said...

Hey, search for "Jamaat ul-Fuqra" and watch for Gates of Vienna and the Politics of CP!

12/16/05, 4:32 PM  
Blogger Jason Pappas said...

Sure enough; it's there. It’s great to know when people go looking for information … they’ll get our research and commentary. Actually, you have some excellent primary research—-true journalism—-on the threat here at home.

I write brief summaries but hopefully the reader makes use of my links to the main writers who’ve done the heavy lifting.

I was getting discouraged that my posts (and some of my best work) would be buried since most people only read the most recent entry on a blog. But the search-engines mean some of my best comments will be reread. It’s not as good as having written a book, but the interaction with the reader is more enjoyable.

12/16/05, 4:44 PM  
Blogger Caroline said...

The title of your previous post, "Credit Where Credit is Due" is certainly apropos to this one. :-)

BTW - your article, "Is Islam Evil?", posted at faithfreedom, comes up number 3 to a google query, "Is Islam Evil"? I can't be the only person who ever googled that specific question but evidently not too many writers have used it as the title of their piece! This suggests to me the importance of giving some care to the titles you assign to your posts. I actually don't understand how the google search engine operates but it would seem to make sense before choosing a title to do a quick google search to get a feel for whether a search would be more or less likely to call up your post easily or bury it.

Interesting that Spengler is listed. I just discovered that he has a very interesting discussion forum called The Edge, under The Complete Spengler. I read the thread there on the Sperry article and everyone there clearly gets it but it doesn't surprise me because Spengler has written quite a few interesting articles about the suicide of the West. Imagine my surprise when I saw Wolfgang Bruno (who wrote a terrific article about an impending "clash of fascisms" in the west, which was posted on faithfreedom) commenting on a Spengler discussion forum.

12/16/05, 6:04 PM  
Blogger Pastorius said...


You know, I began blogging in April 2003. I've never made much of an attempt to promote my blog, because I hate to do it. It feels crass. So, for a long time, I had only 20-30 readers a day. However, I always had readers like the Anchoress, and Mr. Bodissey here, and other bigger bloggers who would stop by and periodically link to some info I posted.

So, that helped keep me going.

But, the other thing that has kept me going is realizing that more and more, CUANAS will become among the top google resources on anti-Semitism. I have done 2400 posts in the last 20 months, so I am constantly getting google hits.

The reason J and I started the Infidel Blog Alliance was because one day, I wrote an angry post about how the Anti-Defamation League is still barking at the anti-Semites of yesteryear, and not seeing that the locus of anti-Semitism has moved over to their friends on the Left.

I said, in my post, that my goal is for CUANAS, and other blogs like mine to become a replacement for the ADL. Heck, I do what I do for free. I don't send out requests for money, and I never will.

J agreed with what I wrote, and suggested we start IBA so it could eventually become the hub for all like-minded bloggers. Hopefully, we will see our mission through.

12/16/05, 6:25 PM  
Blogger Caroline said...

Pastorius - well if you were semi-anonymous before, I reckon you ain't no more since Spencer picked up your post about him riding in on a camel! (rough paraphrase), although I noticed that even when you commented that he should have given you a link - you didn't give a link! There's certainly a time and a place for everything and that was the time and the place for a link to your blog!. I think it was on an LGF thread today where I saw your link to Infidel Blogger's Alliance. (Correct me if I'm wrong cause I'm not about to scroll back through several hundred comments to verify it!) But I clicked. And your placing the link didn't appear presumptuous at all.

BTW - I was reading a lengthy thread on Harry's Place about the Australian riots and they made no bones about the fact that no links to LGF would be welcome - they deleted one in fact, and made it clear that any links to LGF in the future would be deleted. Yet Interested(JW)/Katy(here)/Old Patriot(HP) is a very prominent commenter at HP. Kudos to her BTW - she does a great job.

I think I'm getting what's going on with all this squeemishness. Muslims are a minority. And despite the equivalence that JW and Jason drew recently between Mein Kamf and the Koran, a huge - a very huge number of folks - are equating the Muslim minority with the Jews and they are disturbed by what they view as demonization because they fear a holocaust of the Muslims. That's ultimately where they're coming from. While on the other side, the anti-jihadists see the opposite going on.

It's a very fascinating polarization there. It very much needs to be addressed head-on. I have no idea how to do that, which is why I am a commenter, rather than a blogger! But I think that one issue that could be explored is this:

The west is very much used to a story that describes the majority demonizing and abusing the minority. And their entire moral compass is attuned, as it were, to this sort of scenario. My understanding though is that Islam has been incredibly effective in the opposite direction - a minority seizing control and eventually becoming the majority. It's a different paradigm than the one the west is used to thinking in terms of. Historically how have they done it? What is the evidence that what they have done in the past to achieve it is working now? And how does one change an entire mindset of a people that cannot understand the possibility of such a dynamic and can only grasp the opposite moral scenario, as it were, where the majority demonizes and crushes a minority?

12/16/05, 8:06 PM  
Blogger Krishna109 said...

Its good to know that people are starting to find this information.

I just started blogging recently. At first I, too, avoided any kind of self promotion. Some of the things that people do are really kind of tacky. However, I think that, if done properly, some self promotion a good idea. Some people do it just to gratify their ego ('its all about me") but there is another aspect too it-- if we are trying to get the truth out there in order to counteract the disinformation in the MSM....its important that lots of people see it.

I think IBA is really a great idea....

I have recently discovered Technorati and signed up with them. Their search engine searches blogs. I am curious about how people come to visit my site...when I check "referrers" on my Site Meter, I've noticed quite a few come from searches they do on Technorati.

12/16/05, 8:52 PM  
Blogger Pastorius said...

Yes, that was me promoting Infidel Blog Alliance on LGF. I do promote CUANAS about once every couple of weeks on an LGF open thread. I only do it when I think I have written something original, or if my post is something you won't see somewhere else.

By the way, that comment I made on Jihad Watch about how he should have linked to me was a joke.

I hope that was obvious. Why should he link to a guy who criticized him so harshly. I love Robert Spencer and Jihad Watch. I buy all of Spencer's book, but I disagree with him on that issue. And it saddens me that so many people agree with him.

This is what it comes down to to me. All human beings are created in the Image of God. That means we are created to be free, reasonable, and creative human beings.


I believe that all people want and deserve to be free. I believe that if you give people freedom, some will choose good and some will choose evil, but since all people are equal, that means no single group of people will choose more evil than any other group.

The only problem with Muslims is the ideology of their religion. One thing that seems to have been lost to history is that when we beat the Germans and Japanese, we demanded that they stop teaching their sick ideologies. We remade their societies from their ideology up. We imposed Democracy by force, and it took time, but we succeeded, because Democracy will succeed if evil ideologies are eliminated.

That's what we ought to be doing in the War on Terror, but it is not what we are doing.

That's what is wrong. It's our fault, not the Muslims fault. The Muslims are just another group of people whom history has conspired to keep in chains. America has always been the nation which breaks those chains, and helps establish freedom. We seem to have forgotten our method.

Very sad.

Sorry to have gone so far off topic. This is Jason's blog, for God's sake.

12/16/05, 9:47 PM  
Blogger Caroline said...

Krishna109 -

There is a time and a place to assert oneself. Understanding the difference between when doing so IS egocentric versus when NOT doing so is EQUALLY egocentric, is the challenge. And please do pardon me for pointing that out to someone with the handle "Krishna...". :-)

12/16/05, 9:52 PM  
Blogger beakerkin said...


Much of the opposition to the war is anti capitalism. We are doing a poor job by not pointing out the opposition is led by Communist front groups.

12/17/05, 4:32 AM  
Blogger Always On Watch said...


Over all, with a few exceptions, the quality of the first 10 links tends to be good - even better than two years ago when I began to write. People are discovering the truth. Because of the bias in the msm, people are turning to the Internet for information.

12/17/05, 7:23 AM  
Blogger Jason Pappas said...

Thanks, everyone, it’s good to see many of my friends who’ve helped make this site a success.

Whether and how to promote one’s site is a tough decision. You have to decide if you want a large volume of readers or a higher quality. You have to decide if you want to reach out to those completely ignorant or seek like-minds to share knowledge (and maintain morale, re-affirm the spirit, etc.) Both are valid. It depends on temperament, to some degree. I’ve tried to do both at different times.

To get on the search engines can take some self-promotion. As I understand it there are two formulas used by search engines. Most, like Yahoo, use traffic to score a website. Google, I believe looks at the number and quality of links to your website. I find it easier to get on a Yahoo-type list. Caroline is right, it is helpful to create a unique title that might easily come to mind (almost a contradiction!)

I’m grateful to Ali Sina, at Faith Freedom International, for printing my first article. His site ranks high on google and it has brought me high quality readers (like Caroline.) Thus, when I score high on some of the Yahoo-type lists, I try to send some potentially sympathetic readers to everyone else’s website to get more info and enjoy meeting people with similar concerns. I’ll have to check some of the promotional tools that Krishna suggests. There’s still more to do.

There’s also a problem of focus. Should I stay on one topic or move to others? I like to think that our agreement or disagreement on other less-important topics will not overshadow the ability to face the grave threat in the world today. One is Islam but Beak is right, it’s also the 5th column at home. On these I think we all agree. But, as Pastorius points out, there are other facets to consider and people can respectfully disagree on many of these.

I worry that Hugh and Robert at Jihad Watch have diluted the message by suggesting military strategy or detailed foreign policy. Understanding Islam is obviously helpful to understand what actions are prudent options but it’s not the only factor. People will still disagree on how to proceed (because they disagree on details or because they have a different worldview and conception of human nature.) But understanding Islam helps to narrow down or focus the debate. I’ve tried to hint to Hugh that better tone and/or focus might be helpful with regard to policy criticism. I believe we’ll have to respect (within reason) some differences on how to proceed. I wish Hugh would accept that (even when I agree with him!) Changing the culture is a major step and rushing to endorse specific detailed policy is best left to other websites. People have a hard time talking about Islam and the 5th column is making it even harder.

Of course, I grateful there are other website to focus on all the other dimensions and issues. Always on Watch, Gates of Vienna, Cunanus, LA Sunsett, Sixth Column, Up Pompeii, the Dougout -- just to pick a few -- do so much that I can just refer the readers to selected items to get started. AOW, is right, the MSM may be asleep at the wheel, but they’re not the only bus in town anymore.

12/17/05, 8:41 AM  

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