Thursday, July 06, 2006

Tradition at the Times

How did the New York Times celebrate the 4th of July? George Reisman exposes their true feelings towards our nations founding by critical analysis of their July 4th issue. Alexandra describes the public’s outrage at the Times aiding and abetting our Islamist enemy. Hugh Fitzgerld calls for a boycott of what he calls the New Duranty Times (after Walter Duranty.) Apparently, the Times has a different sense of tradition than most Americans.

Might I suggest The New York Sun as an alternative?


Blogger (((Thought Criminal))) said...


Newspapers are soooooo 20th Century.

7/6/06, 5:30 PM  
Blogger Allen Weingarten said...

I commend George Reisman for his expose of the NY Times. He shows its portrayal about America to be untrue, disadvantageous, and immoral. Moreover, Reisman provides an analysis (deriving from his excellent book “Capitalism”) that demonstrates the facts about the American Revolution, its advantages to the world, and its morality.

*Yet there is an added dimension to the outlook of the Times that remains to be treated, namely the foundation on which it rests.* This I repeat “derives from a ‘morality’ based on class warfare, where the wealthy (or ‘imperialists’) are guilty, while morality lies in protecting the ‘underdog’.” Let us note, as is demonstrated in the history of science, that it does not suffice to merely refute an outlook, since it will reassert itself by ad hoc changes. The outlook is only defeated after a new one replaces it, that maintains its advantages while removing its disadvantages. Consequently, to offset the outlook of the Times, we need to present a fundamental precept that explains what exists in the world, shows what renders it advantageous, and demonstrates its morality.

I submit that to out-compete the outlook that advocates ‘the injustice of class warfare’ we must formulate the outlook of ‘the justice of freedom’. People may of course choose the former out of their passions, rather than the latter on the basis of their reason. Yet this would place the war of ideas on the foundations of our beliefs, rather than on political, social, and economic secondaries.

7/6/06, 7:44 PM  
Blogger beakerkin said...

The Times is a joke and has been a joke for much of its history. Sexual harassment is not harassment when it is done by pro abortion politicos. I still remember the Jenin reports of 2000 dead.

7/7/06, 6:00 AM  
Blogger Always On Watch said...

Have you seen this Presidential speech, from a few decades ago?

This commentary by Linda Chavez might also be of interest.

7/7/06, 7:56 AM  
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