Saturday, December 09, 2006

What gives with D'Souza?

In a soon to be published book, D’Souza argues that the Left shares blame for the Islamic attacks on 9/11 according to John B. Kienker, at the Claremont Institute. Surely the guilt-infested PC left, that has made it taboo to criticize a foreign ideology or culture, has blinded us to the threat. But this isn’t his point. D’Souza apparently holds that “the Left caused 9/11 because Muslims at once hate and feel threatened by the coarse, decadent America the Left promotes … D'Souza believes conservatives need to realize the connection between the domestic culture war and the international war on terrorism. The Right needs to unite with its natural allies, the traditional Muslims.”

I’ve written in the past about D’Souza bizarre embrace of the fundamentalist Islamic ethos in this essay (1st published here.)

Fortunately, Kienker is skeptical: “I think D'Souza unhelpfully obscures the differences between conservative Americans who object to adulterers having a steamy affair on daytime TV by writing a letter to the sponsors and traditional Muslims who object to an engaged couple holding hands in public by stoning them to death. I suspect that too many Muslims still view conservative Americans as depraved infidels.”

Update 1/13/07 Eric has more and comments on the above.
Update 1/17/07 Auster has more.
Update 1/18/07 Fitzgerald has more and more. And Trancinski.
Update 1/18/07 Robert Spencer notes the DD is getting press.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the same old false alternative: "evil secular humanists" vs "good traditional religionists". The Conservatives will claim that the Left are "materialists", "amoralists", "relativists", etc and that this is what the Muslims are objecting to. Now, while they are correct to an extent, they omit the crucial fact that not all "secualarists" are relativsts, etc. What they omit is Ayn Rand and a rational, objective approach to morality. How they can continue to ignore her at this late date amazes me.

D'Souza is an idiot. A bright one. But an idiot nevertheless. He's also indicative of why, no matter how the Left disgusts me, I hate the Conservatives more.

D Eastbrook

12/12/06, 2:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've had a few conversations w/Dinesh. I'll reserve judgement until after the book comes out.

12/12/06, 5:08 PM  
Blogger kevin said...

What D'Souza doesn't get;

First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people. The Islamic hatred of the "Sunday people" is well documented by Mohammed himself;

12/16/06, 3:42 PM  

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