Sunday, February 11, 2007

Denmark the Model

Over at Gates of Vienna, the dynamic duo has been blogging on the anti-Islamic resistance in … Denmark. There may be those that would write-off Europe as hopelessly submissive in the face of the Islamic threat (i.e. Mark Steyn) or fearful that Europe will become a repeat of the 1930s (i.e. Ralph Peters). A more likely course of action is emerging in Denmark.

In “The Danish Model” the Baron notes that “The Danes are light-years ahead of the rest of the West when it comes to dealing with Islam, multiculturalism, mass immigration from the Third World, and all the other issues that generate PC plaque and clog the arteries of the body politic.” (Ignore the two who’ve hijacked the thread in the comments section.)

In “Slow Down! Watch Carefully!” the Baron describes the unique methods that the Danes employ to retain their culture. The Swedes don’t seem to appreciate the humor. But Danish-Swedish relations have been strained in the past. The Baron considers a possible replay here.

In a journalistic scoop, the Baron brings SIAD, the Danish anti-Islamic resistance groups, to an American audience. Kudos to the Baron and his Queen (Dame Dymphna!)

Update: They've long noted the difference in Denmark. For example. And this.
Update2: Comments on SIAD at Jihad Watch
Update3: You're quite welcome!
Update4: Follow-up on SAID


Blogger Always On Watch said...

From the Gates of Vienna's "The Danish Model":

The Danes have tightened immigration rules so that the flood of illiterate Muslims from the Middle East and Africa has been reduced to a trickle. Some Islamic radicals are being deported, and others are leaving voluntarily in order to escape the newly unfavorable climate in their adopted home.

Would that the United States took this step!

Beak said,
The third generation of immigrants is often far more assimilated than generation one and two.

True. But can the West afford that wait?

I would add that many previous waves of immigrants assimilated with immediate descendants. Steubenville, Ohio shows that example with its pre-WWI Italian immigrants. Other examples abound, of course, but I know the Steubenville example pretty well.

Euro loafers

They already are, according to some of my European friends. Many immigrate just to hop onto Europe's welfare rolls.

2/13/07, 5:37 PM  

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