Monday, November 26, 2007

Our "George Mason"

It’s been several years since I first met “George Mason” and his wife “Cubed” in our virtual world. The clarity of their thought and the relief that others understood the nature of Islam’s threat kept me coming back to their suite of websites for intellectual and moral insight. Those of us who started blogging in the winter of ’04-’05 enjoyed George’s and Cubes comments from the beginning. Indeed, their very person came through in this most impersonal medium. I’m sure I speak for many when I say our houses were graced by the spirit of both of these firm but considerate, thoughtful and nourishing souls.

It’s with great sadness that I report that “George” has died unexpectedly. He will be remembered: AOW, Mark, IBA, Eleanor, ...

Cubed, our thoughts are with you.


Blogger Always On Watch said...

I have been so sad since hearing of the passing of this ideological warrior. He touched more lives than he knew, IMO.

How difficult his passing is on Cubed! She bears the most grief of all.

11/26/07, 8:55 PM  

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