Wednesday, August 24, 2005

New On the Blog Roll

I’ve been enjoying the blog of Kira Zalan … over here. There aren’t that many blogs where I find new ideas, reasonable analysis, and thoughtful commentary. She encourages reflection and discussion. And, judging from the comments, there is indeed a lively discussion. Kira’s blog is off to a good start.

Benjamin Orion has many interesting thoughts for you to consider.

Gates of Vienna presents hard hitting commentary and recommendations to other blogs. Check them out!

Of the other new blogs that I’ve added to the blog rolls, take a look at The Truth Project as it continues to develop. I’ll talk about it more in the future. Of the group blogs, The Sixth Column has more than enough to keep you armed and ready.


Blogger The Truth Teller said...

Thank you for the promo.

Truth is updated almost every day: quotations, books and book reviews, etc. Links are constantly added to the right sidebar, and we expect to keep adding to that sidebar. Some were new to us and extremely informative.

Of encouragement is the information which has arrived from the Hindu-Sikh community. The materials provided by this group are online books.

In fact, emails to Truth come in almost every day. Truth solicits information, suggestions, and corrections from interested readers; submissions must be made by email as no comments are enabled.

We are asking for book reviews and book suggestions. We have just begun on the book list! We are trying to include books which are relevant to the differing ideologies of those who "get it" about Islam. Our philosophy is this: Infidels, unite.

One of us checks the email every day--unless vacation or illness intervenes. Sometimes suggestions come in so fast that we can't post them immediately; we line these up and nibble away.

Our hope is to make The Truth Project a user-friendly and valuable reference site. We also hope that what readers find there will encourage them to take action. Suggestions for action of the part of individuals are provided.

PS: Don't let the August 2005 dates fool you! We don't change the date so as to keep the material in the same order.

8/25/05, 12:07 AM  
Blogger Doctor Rick said...

What about me?!!!! Are you leaving about the best blogger in PA!?

8/25/05, 2:01 PM  
Blogger Jason Pappas said...

I'll have to catch you next time Rick. Penn rocks. There's a special section on the blog roll. I've have still yet read them all.

8/25/05, 11:10 PM  
Blogger Benjamin said...

Hi Jason,

Thanks for saying this. I really appreciate your kind remark, and as I said, I enjoy your serious and thoughtful blog too.

I realize that my blog has no particular scholarship nor original insights, but I consider that a virtue in the following sense. Most of us don't have the time to become scholars or experts. Yet it's us ordinary guys who vote. So my blog is an experiment in finding out what an ordinary concerned citizen can discover about the dangers facing us.

Indeed, I think our greatest danger is simply ignorance. I think most Americans still don't have a clue about Islam. So blogs like ours may serve a purpose. We present the information in a digestible form.

We all know that FrontPageMag and Jihad Watch are essential reading. Let me mention RealClearPolitics. I only just discovered it, and I find that it presents an intelligent selection of articles from all points of view (though emphasizing the conservative perhaps).

And as always, I think it is important to blame Islam and not Muslims. Muslims are the chief vicitms. I shudder to think of being transplanted to a Muslim country. It makes me feel patriotic, which I wasn't growing up! :-)

Ultimately, though, it's about Western civilization, not just the USA. Or make that Civilization.

8/26/05, 8:45 AM  
Blogger Always On Watch said...

Benjamin Orion is correct. Western Civilization is at stake. Islam is the antithesis of Western Civilization.

And the greatest problem is ignorance. Just look at the pitiful interviewers of Michael Graham! Have any of them done any real studying? I think not.

And, Benjamin Orion, your sites are excellent! The information you have present is easily understood, and there's a real need for that type of presentation.

8/26/05, 10:30 PM  

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