Friday, August 19, 2005

Pakistan's Problem Worsens

In the previous post I discussed Islamist movements indigenous to Pakistan and the India sub-continent – in particular Mawdudi and Deobandi – all strong fundamentalist movements that predate Saudi Arabia’s influence. However, the spread of fundamentalism, today, is facilitated by the Saudi funding of the madrassas through out Pakistan. As I noted, Islamism has gotten worse under Musharaf – but I didn’t realize how worse.

In today’s Wall Street Journal (August 19, 2005, page A11), in an article titled Pakistan’s Broad Educational Ills – Public Schools May stir Up More Extremism Than Madrassas, one finds that the Islamist influence has permeated all levels of the government including governmental educational institutions. The "public schools’ failure to offer a rigorous, secular alternative to religious extremism, as well as their own biased and inflammatory teachings, make the population fertile ground for Islamist recruiters," according to the Journal.


Blogger Always On Watch said...

Somewhere in all my blog-hopping, I saw that piece from the WSJ. Bad news, heh?

Also, major publishers of social studies textbooks, here in the United States, run their material about Islam by Susan Douglass, an American convert to Wahhabism. Talk about subversion of teaching materials! A Wahhabist is editing textbooks???

As I may have mentioned before, here in the county where I live, the Hindus organized and objected to some of the new texts. The texts were nevertheless approved, and the county promises that teachers will present information about the Muslims' persecution of Hindus. I'm not holding my breath, though, because most educators--even history majors--are poorly informed.

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