Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Time To Act

Barbara Lerner has an excellent article on Iraq and Iran on National Review Online.

“A nuclear-armed Iran would change the balance of power in the world against us, and we cannot allow it to happen. It's time to stop pretending that a corrupt U.N. or an already half-dhimmified EU will prevent it. … Only America has both the courage and the military might … we must ignore the Chamberlains among us and rally behind our Churchills, and we must act.

“…. We need to get ready as quickly as possible to mount a major air assault, not just to take out as many of Iran's nuclear sites as we can find, but to defeat the rising evil behind them by aiming our bombs and missiles at Iran's leaders, its Revolutionary Guards, and the bully boys of the Basij too.

“But we cannot stop there; we also need to bomb Hezbollahland in Lebanon, and to close our own borders immediately in order to lessen the odds that Iranian proxies will succeed in carrying out the attacks on our soil that they are already planning. And of course, our Navy must be fully prepared to do what it takes to keep the Straits of Hormuz open, and to protect vital shipping lanes in the Gulf. The longer we wait, the costlier all of this will be to accomplish. Even now, Putin’s Russia is busily upgrading Iran's air defenses. A coalition of the willing can help a bit, but striking suddenly, before our enemies expect it and are fully prepared, will help more.

Conventional wisdom tells us that history will judge George W. Bush by what happens in Iraq. It's not true. He will be judged by what he does about Iran, and so will we, for centuries to come. It is past time for him to focus the nation on the severity of the Iranian threat, and to mobilize and unify us to confront and defeat it.”

Lerner is not the only voice warning us of the danger. See my comments on IBA about Iran’s declaration of war and my post below.


Blogger George Mason said...

I have not yet read the full article yet, but what you have presented seems to represent extreme, good sense. "Extreme" only because it goes to the heart of the issue without softening or camouflaging along the way. Iran was always the number one target. Who knows how Bushies' minds worked to do what they did instead. Everyone living in the real world knows that you do not deal with a neighborhood bully by directing your wrath on his neighbors, unless they are major players (these were not).

5/11/06, 2:15 PM  
Blogger Jason Pappas said...

You don’t deal with a threat by self-flagellation.

5/11/06, 3:47 PM  
Blogger Jason Pappas said...

I'm all for Israel fighting the jihadists. It's about time we stop holding them back from fully fighting the jihadists on the West Bank.

However, just in the last few days our government has decided to indirectly support Hamas. We had previously supported Arafat. It's about time we stop sending checks to our enemies: the jihadists.

5/11/06, 10:53 PM  
Blogger beakerkin said...

Since when has Ducky been in favor of cutting welfare or used the word in a negative manner. I get it if Consevatives talk about welfare queens , or commie accademics who make six figures for single digit work weeks that is just the talk of bigots. Ducky is free to use the term to describe aid to the worlds only Jewish state. Yet another example of anti semitism that stares him in the mirror.

5/12/06, 12:44 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

Yes, and it's just been reported that traces of weapons-grade uranium have been found in Iran!

5/12/06, 3:27 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

Mr Ducky:

Yup, enough weopons grade material to make a crate of glow in the dark Mickey Mouse watches.

I think it's a tad more serious than that!

5/12/06, 4:32 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

Mr Ducky:

Uh, no Mark. it isn't.

I realize tha it is difficult for you to understand such subtleties; but I was being slyly humorous, sometimes called facetious.

Perhaps you'll pick it up the next time without my having to point it out to you. Duh!

You said about the following statement...

“A nuclear-armed Iran would change the balance of power in the world against us, and we cannot allow it to happen."

...that it was one of the dumbest you've read in a while.

Really, Mr Ducky! Really! If you can't understand this, then you need to go back to grade school!

What does it help a man if he has all the money in the world, but no common sense?

5/12/06, 7:08 PM  
Blogger Cubed © said...

It's WAY past time for us to try to "reason" with these nihilistic narcissists.

Islamic philosophy, to which Muslims are subjected from birth to puberty and beyond, are frozen at the developmental level of the average two-year-old. They aren't crazy, though, and like most two-year-olds, they respond to the consistent application of appropriate forms of discipline.

Appeasement and negotiation are not among the appropriate forms of discipline; they must be sent to their rooms without dinner, locked in, all their toys taken away, and then allowed to have their temper-tantrums all by themselves until they are exhausted. This procedure must be repeated until they grow up.

5/12/06, 9:33 PM  
Blogger leelion said...

"You might also investigate the similar rash of murders in Moscow lately. Also by right wing haters like yourself and your readers."

Far out - Mr Ducky do you really believe that? Do you really believe Jason or any readers/contributors of this thread would support this sort of action?

5/13/06, 1:05 AM  
Blogger kevin said...

I see a duck floating down a river in Egypt.

5/13/06, 3:13 AM  
Blogger Mark said...


I see a duck, too: Daffy Duck!

5/14/06, 3:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


One line of attack on Islam which doesn't seem to have been followed up in the blogosphere concerns the existence of Allah. Some atheists have tried to prove that Allah doesn't exist, but it may be far more damaging to Islam to demonstrate that Allah does indeed exist and to show where 'he' resides and what 'he' is.

Christians and Jews believe that G_d is transcendent and omnipresent, she is not located in any particular place and indeed both transcends and permeates the physical structure of the universe.

In total contrast, Muslims are obsessively concerned with directing their prayers towards one particular location on planet earth, and line up their prayer mats and build their mosques pointing within a fraction of a degree towards Mecca. Muslim astronauts get particularly confused when in orbit because their god resides on earth - the majesty of the cosmos is lost on them. They believe that if you don't aim your prayers accurately at Mecca they won't have any effect. Very strange!

So we must conclude that Allah lives somewhere in Mecca. The entire city, including hotels, car parks, public lavatories, electricity substations etc cannot be equally and universally holy. So what is the object of this idolatrous worship?

The structure that every Muslim bows down to five times a day is Allah's house - the Kaaba.

And yes, inside it you will find Allah himself, who does indeed exist, and is none other than - a meteorite!

Allah is a chunk of space junk.

5/15/06, 7:36 PM  
Blogger (((Thought Criminal))) said...


As a leftist, surely you recognize that your philosophical forebears never had the first clue on how to create a self-sustaining society. The leftist aversion to identifying with reality has prevented it for centuries, not to mention the uniquely leftist revulsion towards learning from mistakes.

So, given those basic facts, how exactly is Saddam Hussein's scheme to convince the major intelligence agencies of the world that he's not forthcoming with his WMD capabilities working out for him?

Do you think Iran's threatening to nuke Israel with its peaceful energy program that doesn't even supply electricity to anyone will work out better for Ahmadinejad's cult?

5/19/06, 4:33 AM  

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