Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Who Supports the Troops?

One of the most important issues after when to fight a war is how to fight. Regardless of whether one agrees that Iraq or Afghanistan or Iran or Kosovo is the place to fight, one must support our troops by allowing them to fight to the fullest. They must be allowed to defend themselves first and foremost. Previously, Cubed, has written on the topic. Brook and Epstein published an important piece last year. Grant Jones has an excellent follow-up today.

Why have the absurd rules of engagement taken a back-seat in the current debate? With both sides gushing forth with proclamations that they support the troops first and foremost, why have our troops been hamstrung and delivered with their hands tied for the enemy to kill? I can think of reasons why the left desires this policy but why do conservatives allow it with so little outrage? Again, read the articles above.

Update: Diana West gets it. (H/T Grant).