Wednesday, July 28, 2010


My original purpose in starting this blog was to address the cultural decay that underlies the retreat from the principles that made our country great. In the course of describing the threats our nation faces today, I found the inability to critique foreign cultures and the threats emanating from ideologies hostile to our core values wasn’t limited to the hard core left. Even many of my comrades on the right, including the secular right, found it difficult to face the specific dangers of Islam.

As a secular-right writer, I found that I had something to contribute to the understanding of the problem in Islamic culture and the threat to the West. Since that time many have joined the cause and their websites abound with excellent essays. The links on the right will lead you to writers who now know more than I do ... and do an outstanding job.

I'll add to the debate whenever I see a need that is unmet.
Best regards, Jason.